How to Use Twitter for Business

May 17, 2019 0 Comment

If Twitter is not a part of your social media marketing, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to promote and grow your business.

Over the past few years, Twitter has become a great marketing tool and a lead-generating powerhouse that can do wonders for your business, if you know how to effectively use it, of course. How to use Twitter for business is exactly what we’ll cover in this article, so you can grow your business, acquire new audience(s), and find new customers.

With over 300 million monthly active users, it’s a shame not to utilize this platform and connect and engage with your customers and potential customers, especially if you’re a small business. So, let’s start from the beginning and move on to the most effective ways to use Twitter for your business and the best ways to gain more followers.

How to Set Up and Optimize a Twitter Account for Business

First things first, if you don’t already have a Twitter business account, follow the guidelines to set it up. If you do have one, make sure to optimize it so that Twitter users can easily find it and interact with it.

Go to, sign up, write the name of your business, and either your phone number or e-mail. You’ll receive a verification code, and once you enter if you’re ready to optimize your profile.

Profile Photo

The profile photo should, obviously, represent your brand. This is why the logo of your business would make the best profile photo not only on Twitter, but on all the other social media platforms you use for your business. Beware that Twitter’s profile photo is displayed as a circle and the best dimensions are 400×400 pixels.

Cover Photo

This is the big photo that’s right above your profile photo. It’s should also represent your brand and draw attention, but you can also use it to promote a new product or a service your business offers. Best dimensions are 1500×500 pixels.


This 160-character description of your business should be engaging include what your business is about and what it offers to your customers. Since you only have 160 characters, write short sentences and use emojis so the bio is more eye-catching. Don’t forget to include a link from your website and a call-to-action to remind your followers to click on it.

Photos and Videos

The photos and videos box shows the latest photos and videos you shared. So, once you start tweeting, include a photo if announcing something big or promoting a new product so that it’s displayed on your profile.

How to Use Twitter for Your Business and Get More Followers

Let’s give you some tips and ideas on how to effectively use Twitter for your business and get more followers while you do it.

Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are the best way to increase the visibility and discoverability of your tweets, especially if you’re a new fish in the Twitter waters. After all,  tweets with hashtags receive double the engagement than those without . So, how do you choose the best hashtags for your tweets?

Firstly, you can use your common sense. If tweeting about content marketing then #contentmarketing & #SEO are relevant hashtags. Secondly, you can use Twitter and search for trending hashtags in the trending box based on your location. Lastly, there are many online tools like or that’ll give you the best hashtags based on your text and image.

You’re free to use as many hashtags as you want, but the recommended number of hashtags is 2 per tweet for best results.

Use Photos, GIFs, and Other Visuals in Your Tweets

According to many statistics, tweets with images or other types of visuals receive 150% more retweets than text-only tweets. This is why incorporating some visual content in your tweets if of utmost importance if you want to get more likes, replies, and retweets .

You might have noticed that brands almost always incorporate some type of visual in their tweets, and you should do the same to make them more eye-catching and likeable. GIFs are especially popular nowadays, while infographics have the highest chance of being retweeted and liked.