What to do on the first date

December 28, 2020 0 Comment

On the first meeting you are carefully evaluated. A failed date, after which no one calls you back, a bad day in a new team. First contact decides a lot, because the second may not be. To prove that you are not the person who took you for granted is extremely difficult. To present yourself favorably in the first meeting and use Tucson date ideas, you need to know some features of human perception.

Not for nothing stylists and psychologists say about the importance of your image. Both men and women at first contact are impressed by the appearance, and the second meeting people prefer to appoint, when the interlocutor is physically attractive for them. It’s not about the length of the legs or chest size, everyone has different tastes, it’s about the harmony of your style, the correspondence of the place and time, the overall neatness and healthy look.

What to pay attention to

Numerous studies of psychologists from different countries have shown that men are more comfortable when a woman sits down next to him, not opposite. Some attribute this to a subconscious male desire to control the environment, to have an unobstructed view. Women, on the contrary, like it when a man sits across from them, not next to them. This contradiction may explain some of the difficulties that arise during the first contact. Try to adjust to the interlocutor – sit in the way that is more comfortable to him.

But all right-handed people, both men and women, when talking to those who stand or sit opposite, prefer the person to be slightly to the right. When you introduce yourself to someone, you can shake their hand (or greet them as you would in that particular case) and then move slightly to the left, maintaining eye contact. Sit so that the interlocutor’s right eye is opposite yours. Left-handed people do exactly the opposite. This will help you use your date night ideas Tucson effectively.

Mirror effect

Let’s assume that you have successfully managed to introduce yourself or say hello, and then sit down opposite each other and your right eyes are on the same line. What’s next? Next, work on the “mirror.” We tend to like those who look like ourselves. Physiologically speaking, this means that the best impression you can make on people will be created if you mimic their postures and even some non-verbal mannerisms.

The first time you meet someone, when you don’t know them at all, you can still easily copy their posture. Sit so that the person you are talking to sees himself or herself in the mirror. Then look closely at the gestures and facial expressions – and try to repeat them. Creating a mirror image leads to faster-sometimes even instant contact. It’s easy to check if you’ve achieved mirroring. For a few seconds distract yourself from the imitation of others’ gestures and make an independent movement – smile, drink water, step forward, bend over. If synchronization was achieved – your interlocutor will also make some movement. Not necessarily exactly repeat it, but there will be a response.

The art of talking

Many people at first contact feel shy, can not think of a topic of conversation because they do not know the interlocutor. But that’s good! The fact that you do not know anything about the person gives the opportunity for research, for the most interesting conversations on almost any topic. Just follow the generally accepted rules of etiquette: do not talk about religion, health, politics, do not retell your dreams, do not touch the subject of sex – and the conversation will flow by itself.

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