The most effective roulette strategies

April 3, 2021 0 Comment

This article provides a number of strategies to help you win at roulette. If you haven’t yet had time to choose a good casino to play at, you can check out leovegas canada reviews and reviews of other popular casinos here

About trends and sequences

Skip the first four spins in the game. Wait until some sort of sequence starts to emerge. It is recommended to bet in accordance with the identified pattern. If four times fell out red, then in the fifth case it is recommended to bet on red. If you win, continue to follow the scheme. If a series of losses has come, then wait a little and determine the next sequence. This system can also be used in conjunction with a progression. In this case, the bet increases after winning and decreases after losing.

Waiting for the triplet

This strategy is designed for exactly 37 spins. Bets should begin to be placed only after the double repetition of any of the numbers. It is on this number and need to bet. If there will be several such numbers for 37 rotations, then bet on each of them. The strategy is based on the principle of two-thirds, according to which no more than 24 different sectors fall in a session.

Triple Repeat

The first 55 spins are played idle. After that, you need to bet on the numbers that have fallen three times during this time. The round is over if 55 spins are made and one bet is played. There is another modification of this strategy. It is suggested to consider repeating numbers only when between their falls out is not more than 11 spins. Found such a number? Make it 9 bets in a row. Won? Feel free to place 9 more bets.

Waiting for the straight

This strategy is played solely on the idle spins. Bets are placed in batches of 11 numbers. It is recommended to start the game when 11 different numbers roll and bet on sectors that have not yet rolled.

Buffset strategy

The game session lasts for 35 spins or until you win. This strategy involves making the same bets. Keep track of the last result to eliminate the last dozen that fell out. There will be two dozen left, which includes four six lines or 8 straight. These are the dozens you should bet on. The first five rotations to bet one unit on the six lines, then six rotations to bet one unit on the straight, as much – one unit on the pairs, and finally, throughout the 18 rotations bet one unit on each number.

52 Dollar Strategy

Wait for the third dozen to roll and bet $20 each on the second and first. Did you win? Repeat the bet, but lower it to $11. Lucky second time? Bet $17 each. Three wins will bring you $52. If that’s not enough for you, you can continue at another table.

The “Titanic” roulette strategy

Among roulette strategies is the one named after the famous liner. have specific skills player who wants to use it, do not need. It has been successfully tested by many fans of roulette. It is recommended to clearly follow the rules of the strategy. Do not make unnecessary bets. Do not exceed the spending limit. Be careful not to go down like the real Titanic. Caution will save you from ruin, and perhaps help you leave victorious and become richer. For six spins are determined by the 12 numbers that fall out most often. It is on them a big bet is made after the previous bet was losing. If you manage to win, then go back to the minimum bet. You should bet on the dozen, which won in the last rotation.

If you are unlucky, place the same bet on the next dozen. If you lose again, bet twice as much on the same dozen. If you want to try all these strategies in a reliable casino, you can use this site to search