How To Use Hashtags On Twitter

December 10, 2018 0 Comment

If you’ve ever witnessed a person abusing the concept of hashtags in such a way that you feel reluctant to ever entertain using it for your brand, we’re here to persuade you otherwise. Hashtags are far from irrelevant – you just have to know how to use them.

And we’ll show you exactly how.

So What’s A Hashtag?

Or, alternatively, what’s the point of a hashtag?

From a user’s perspective, hashtags would be just another way of categorizing content that allows them to discover related content much more easily. In practice, however, thanks to a generally poor understanding of hashtags and ridiculous overuse, hashtags have been known to lead to piles and piles of social media content that’s either miscategorized or irrelevant. In other words, junk.

But when used the right way, they can be a powerful tool for reaching new audiences and keeping your brand relevant.

Are Hashtags Actually That Important?

  • Hashtags are an amazing way for social media users to explore content in a micro-niche that interests them, to filter through information or to follow conversations on a particular topic.
  • Businesses can use them to reach their target audience easily.
  • They are compelling to click on – as long as a particular piece of content catches a user’s eye they can easily go down the rabbit hole of filtering through the hashtag in search for more similar content.
  • Understanding the correlation between the number of hashtags and engagement rate for each social media network can be really rewarding for your reach.
  • You can use hashtags to source questions and comments about your brand and learn more about your brand’s image.

How To Create Your Own Hashtag

This, as I’m sure most know, is the same as using an existing hashtag, only with an extra step.

You simply type a phrase preceded by a “#”. You don’t put spaces if you want to create a multi-word hashtag, as a hashtag always starts with the “#” and ends with a space. In theory, anything can be a hashtag of course, but in actuality, you might want to use the economy of language for your hashtag phrase.

Now, how to use hashtags should be a very simple question, shouldn’t it?

But, while the basics can be summed up in those two sentences, there’s a long way between your average hashtag and an actually successful hashtag that takes a life of its own. We’ll explore what can make or break a hashtag next – so stay tuned.

If you’re using a brand new hashtag, once you post whatever you’re posting, clicking on your post’s hashtag should redirect you to an empty hashtag page, as your hashtag is the first of its kind.