How to Hire a Freelance Social Media Designer

March 26, 2019 0 Comment

Social media marketing has become an essential part of most businesses’ marketing strategies and with that, the demand for social media professionals is on the rise. In fact, social media jobs like content strategist and social media manager are gaining popularity day by day – and the social media designing job is one of them.

Every year more and more businesses decide to hire freelancers instead of in-house employees, Upwork and Freelancer being the two biggest platforms where you can find these professionals. The good thing is that everyone can create a profile as a client to hire a freelancer, and you can find and hire a social media designer in a matter of hours!

You can find all kinds of professionals on these sites, from programmers, internet marketers, and designers, to transcribers, writers, editors, SEO specialists, and more!

In fact, designers are one of the most represented freelancers on these platforms, and most of them specialize in different sub-fields. There are illustrators, packaging designers, visual identity specialists, publication designers and, of course, social media designers. But why does your company need a freelance social media designer?

Reasons to Hire a Freelance Social Media Designer

There are quite a few reasons why freelancers are so popular and attractive for businesses and start-ups, so let’s go over them.

Lower Cost

Limited resources is one of the primary reasons why many businesses and start-ups decide to hire part-time social media designers. The costs are much higher when working with in-house designers if we take into consideration the salary, office space, equipment, additional training, and so on, so not every company can afford them.

 This is why many companies hire freelancers via websites such as Upwork, 99designs, and Freelancer for just a fraction of what it would cost them to employ an in-house designer . You can choose to pay them by the hour or you can offer a fixed price for a specific project. If you don’t like a candidate for any reason, you can hire someone else in a matter of hours without signing complicated contracts.

You’ll Save Time

If your business has a social media presence but you still haven’t hired a social media designer, we’ll assume that someone else in your company is managing the ads or creating the infographics. Maybe it’s your web designer, marketing expert, or even yourself. By doing your primary job and additionally designing graphics for your social media accounts, you are spending your precious time doing something that you are not an expert in.

 When you get a freelancer to work on your social media designs, you are automatically saving your time and getting professional results . So, not only will you be more efficient in doing what you do best, but you’ll have amazing graphics done by a professional.

Professional Look

Social media designers’ job is to create professional-looking images, ads, and other necessary digital assets by elevating your visual identity and creating a unified look and feel. So, if you want to stand out from the competition and make your brand more noticeable on social media, independent designers are the right people for the job.

What if your business doesn’t have a specified color pallet, fonts, graphical elements, and style of photography and you’re not sure where to start?  A social media designer can develop a strong visual identity for your brand, with your help, of course . All you need to do is tell him or her about your brand, what you expect, give him some ideas if you have them, along with examples, set some guidelines, and stay in close communication if you want to get the results you want.

Higher Engagement

Freelance social media designers can design great-looking covers, images, infographics, ads, or any other visuals you need for social media by analyzing your analytics. Knowing your audience and the types of posts that perform the best helps them create  posts that’ll most likely have high engagement . So, giving them access to your analytics or sending them the necessary information can only benefit your social media presence.