Deca Durabolin (Deca)

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Deca Durabolin (Deca), is the trademark of Organon, which stands for Deca Decanoate . This substance belongs to the 19-nor family, therefore, we can say that it has the same characteristics as other substances from this family. There is one interesting nuance that concerns Deka – this is mysticism, which she possessed for about a quarter of a century. This drug was very much appreciated by Dan Duchein in his book “The Book of Steroids” and also in his later works. In fact, it was this information that remained the last for many users of this connection. Let’s dive into some of the reasons why perhaps the Deka mysticism would be justified.

First of all, Deca (and Nandrolonein general) does not cause many estrogenic and androgenic side effects. This is due to the fact that Deca has a low rate of aromatization (conversion to E 2 by the aromatase enzyme ). The conversion rate is approximately 20% of the testosterone conversion rate.

Moreover, there is information that Deca stores water in the connective tissue, which relieves joint pain if present. Honestly, it is difficult to define what it means “stores water in the joints”, where did this information come from and how it all works in the body. However, in one study in postmenopausal women, Deca improved collagen synthesis (1), and another study showed an increased amount of bone minerals (2). Both of these studies used a low dosage of the drug, they were so low as to even induce muscle growth.

Drawing conclusions from two studies, athletes who want to use Deco in their course, only for the purpose of increasing the amount of minerals and synthesis of glycogen, should be sufficient 100 mg / week . This is actually a higher dosage than the one used in the studies. Even half of 100 mg / week , in HIV patients who were very severely physically depleted, 100 mg / day (every 2 weeks), showed “significant weight gain” (5). Such advice to athletes is clearly not suitable, but it all gives us an idea how anabolic Deca is. Given this, it provokes good (albeit slow) muscle growth. This, as one of the reasons, speaks of the ability to bind well to the androgen receptor, and Deca also has other non-receptor (non-AR connection) positive effects. For example, nitrogen retention in the body, which is a major factor in muscle growth and increased BMR. In one study, 65 mg / wk and 200 mg / wk showed significant increases in nitrogen stores. This is about 33-52 g of nitrogen in 14 days, in kilograms it was displayed about 0.5-0.9 kg of SMM per week.

With regard to the overall weight gain, it was 4.9 (+ – 1.2 kg) and 3.1 (+ – 0.5 kg) SMM. Moreover, the aerobic component of the body has improved (improvements in the cardiovascular system) (7). Higher dosages have shown better results in these studies. Most often, consumer practice shows that the optimal dosage for good gains is 400-600 mg / week .

Deka has a fairly long half -life . Below in the diagram, we see that with an injection of 100 mg (represented by circles), it caused a relatively active and stable concentration of nandrolone in blood plasma until almost 10th day. Therefore, injections once a week will be more than enough to maintain an even background of Nandrolone decanoate ( Nandrolone phenylpropionate was also used , and only by the fifth day did they see a decrease in the concentration of the substance in the blood, therefore injections were made every 4th day, thus maintaining stable levels steroid drug in plasma). By the way, you will notice that a higher concentration of nandrolone in blood plasma occurs after injection into the gluteal muscles, as opposed to injections into the deltoid muscles (this is probably the case with all oil steroids).

In another study, where there were three groups of people with HIV, they put different dosages of the drug (200, 300 and 600 mg / week ) for 3-12 weeks. As a result, there were no negative side effects in total cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin sensitivity, and also decreased HDL cholesterol in all groups. Moreover, in all studies that put Deco in HIV patients, immune function has always improved.

So what do we know now? Deca is a safe drug for long-term use, helps with joints, improves immune function, is quite anabolic and not very androgenic . More details here This is very good news (and there are many). Now for the negative side.

Considering the consumption statistics, Deca gives good results, but its consumption should last at least 12 weeks. It shouldn’t cause you problems if you do everything intelligently. Yes, some people complain that Deca causes water retention, in practice this actually happens. But you should keep an eye on your E 2 and PRL, with the help of AI and PI, then the effect in the quality of your form will be better. Nevertheless, due to the Deka’s ability to accumulate water, this preparation is clearly better suited for a set course, rather than drying. Although, with knowledge, it can be used for both purposes.

Now, not about the most flattering news: unfortunately, Deca is a progestin (like all Nandrolones ), and this leads to the stimulation of the progesterone receptor by 20%, as well as progesterone itself (3). Which is helpful for most of the unwanted side effects: water retention, acne , etc. It should be said that many of them are quite rare, but, nevertheless, possible. This, incidentally, may also be the reason why Deca is such a potent suppressor for your endogenous testosterone. It can be seen from the chart below that just one injection of 100mg of Deca caused a FULL SUPPRESSION of natural testosterone levels. It took a month to fully restore it to its original state. And this is just one injection from Deka. Only 100 mg.

The moral of this song is – always use Testosterone with Deca! At least 200 mg Testosterone per week to avoid impotence and sexual dysfunction. And, by the way, Testosterone should not be set less than the amount of Nandrolone (calculated in mg / week ). And do not forget that in parallel we necessarily have and use Bromocriptine or Cabergoline .

So what do we do with all this information? Well, we can summarize as follows: for a meat – gathering course, the dosage can be 600 mg / week for 12-16 weeks, as for the drying course, up to 400 mg / week for 12-16 weeks will be enough , but up to as long as you fight water retention with this or that drug. If a person decides to use Deku, then be sure to use Testosterone. In this case, Cabergoline should always be at hand . Just in case.

Although our topic is a little different here, it’s worth touching on the topic of PCT. Due to the strong suppressive effect of Deca, it is worth continuing the course with Testosterone for another two weeks, and this is the minimum. After all, we remember from the previous charts that it took a month to return the baseline level of testosterone to return to previous values. Therefore, it is better to cruise for an additional couple of weeks on Testosterone, and then cancel. This is done in order to prevent the still overwhelming effect of Deca (especially since this drug has a rather long ester). Moreover, your PCT should be relatively “aggressive”, it is likely that you will need to use HCG on the output, and on PCT Clomid , probably together with Nolvadex . To restore natural hormone levels as quickly as possible.

(!) Important points:

  1. Deka has a low rate of aromatization (conversion to E 2 by the aromatase enzyme );
  2. Deca has other non-receptor (non-AR connection) positive effects. For example, nitrogen retention in the body, which is a major factor in muscle growth and increased BMR;
  3. A higher concentration of Nandrolone in blood plasma occurs after injection into the gluteal muscles, as opposed to injections into the deltoid muscles;
  4. One injection of 100 mg Deca caused a FULL SUPPRESSION of natural testosterone levels. It takes at least a month to completely restore it to its original state .