Cloud services for movie streaming

November 14, 2019 0 Comment

Movie streaming is a big part of nowadays life. You definitely use YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo and other services. You can watch it online and in real-time, on the laptop, TV or phone. You can start to watch some TV show on the train on your phone and finish it at home on the TV. This kind of magic is possible because of cloud computing. You can read more about cloud computing services here: and now we’ll talk about cloud computing in the movie streaming.

Why does movie streaming need cloud computing?

The very first reason why movie streaming needs cloud computing is that streaming as the phenomenon exists thanks to cloud computing services. It is possible only because of cloud platforms. Without different cloud services, movie or music streaming is impossible. What do you need for movie streaming?

  1. Giant database. Services like YouTube use both live streaming and storing videos for regular online watching. It is hard to make a fast and efficient streaming system with the on-prem servers. Actually, it is practically impossible. While cloud allows storing terabytes of information and provides fast loading and online broadcasting.
  2. Scalability. This point works in two ways. On the one hand, it allows a lot of users to watch the stream in real-time. The number of users can grow exponentially, so service should be flexible and scalable. On the other hand, the database should be scalable too because the more popular platform is, the more users load their videos every day. Cloud platforms can provide both directions.
  3. High-availability. The uploaded video should be available at any time, from any country and any device, so it is possible only because of cloud services.
  4. Replication. The system should be replicated for the high level of reliability and continuous access to the content. It is possible only with the cloud too.
  5. Speed. Every streaming service must provide a high speed of access and broadcasting. On-prem hardware can’t provide such capacity, so we need cloud services again.

Thus, you see, the idea of movie streaming can’t be accomplished without cloud computing. That’s why all the streaming services are based in the cloud platforms. The bigger the service is, the more capacity it needs and, unfortunately, regular on-prem equipment can’t provide the required conditions.

Final thoughts about the future of movie streaming

We live in a world full of different kinds of information. We can consume textual data, music, video, etc. Besides consuming, we produce a lot of information almost every minute. Every message, every photo we write or shoot makes the information area bigger and bigger. The more data we produce, the more storage we need, so it is impossible to use only the on-prem hardware. Also, if we had only the on-prem equipment the technology development would be very different. Cloud computing is a great and powerful tool that is the foundation of modern technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning and others.

Talking about movie streaming, we totally mean cloud-based technology. Without cloud computing, the idea of watching the video in real-time from different sides of the Earth would be impossible.

Thus said, cloud computing is not some buzzword from the IT world, this is a powerful tool we use every day at work, at home and even while writing an email to a friend.

As for the future of movie streaming, we can say it is a growing area, despite the giant companies that already took this niche. So, if you have the idea to start your own streaming service, feel free to accomplish it and maybe you’ll become bigger than Netflix and YouTube.